Oracle8i Documentation Addendum
Release 3 (8.1.7)

Part Number A85455-01





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Each chapter in this addendum represents a book in the generic server documentation set. However, not all of the books in the documentation set are represented by the chapters here. Rather, there are a number of the generic server books being released in their entirety due to the volume of new information.

Many new features, as well as changes due to bug fixes and developer feedback, are described in these chapters. Note that this addendum is not a summary of all the new features for this release. Instead, it is a collection of chapters, each representing a single book, that have been impacted by various features new for this release.

This chapter contains the following sections:

Summary of New Features

The following list describes new features for this release:


Not all of the new features listed here are described in this addendum. Rather, the new features for this release are described both within this addendum and various books that are being released in their entirety. Typically, new features for a release are described in detail in Getting to Know Oracle8i; however this book is not being revised in the current release. Thus, a condensed version of new features is listed here. 

How This Addendum Is Organized

This book contains chapters that represent specific books in the Oracle generic documentation set. Specifically, each chapter represents a specific book, and contains new features that would appear in that book if it were released in its entirety. For example, all of the new information that would appear in Net8 Administrator's Guide for this release appears in Chapter 5, "Net8" of this addendum.

The following chapters (or books) are included in this addendum:

Chapter 1, "Introduction" briefly describes the organization of this book and release 8.1.7 documentation sources.

Chapter 2, "interMedia Text" describes the new and updated features for interMedia Text for release 8.1.7.

Chapter 3, "New Character Set Scanner Utility" introduces the Character Set Scanner Utility, a National Language Support utility in release 8.1.7 for checking data before migrating character sets.

Chapter 4, "Oracle Parallel Server"describes the changes to Oracle Parallel Server for release 8.1.7.

Chapter 5, "Net8" describes new and changed features for Net8 for this release.

Chapter 6, "PL/SQL Supplied Packages" describes new packages for this release.

Chapter 7, "Recovery Manager" new features and changes for Recovery Manager.

Chapter 8, "Reference" includes parameters, data dictionary views, and dynamic performance views that have been revised to include new features or changes as a result of documentation corrections.

Chapter 9, "Replication"describes new features in Oracle replication. This chapter also describes changes to existing replication features, in addition to documentation additions and corrections.

Chapter 10, "Replication Management API Reference" includes changes to the DBMS_REPCAT_INSTANTIATE and DBMS_REPCAT_RGT packages as well as some documentation additions.

Chapter 11, "Oracle Label Security Error Messages" includes all new and revised Oracle Label Security error messages for this release.

Chapter 12, "Standby Database" describes new and changed features for standby databases for this release.

Chapter 13, "Using Oracle Trace" describes changes to Oracle Trace.

Other Books Being Released for 8.1.7

In addition to the chapters in this addendum, the Master Index and the following books have been revised in their entirety:

Oracle8i Server and SQL*Plus

Oracle8i Server Application Development

Oracle8i Directory, Networking and Security

Oracle8i interMedia, Spatial, Time Series, and Visual Information Retrieval Options

Oracle8i Integration Server

Oracle8i Java Documentation

Oracle Enterprise Manager

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