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Oracle9i Database: Getting Started

Welcome to the Oracle9i Database. This page gives you a number of starting points to help you get started, whether you are a first-time user, or an experienced user who is moving to a new release.

Typical Job Responsibilities

Depending on your job role, you might need specific knowledge and have to perform specific tasks. Here are introductions to some of the most common job roles associated with this product.

The following section lists some books to help you get started with each kind of job role.

Books for the New User

Depending on your role, you might want to look at particular sets of books:

Note: For installation guides and release notes, look on the product installation CDs.

Books for the New Administrator

      Administrator's Guide Contents  / Search  / Index  / PDF
    Backup and Recovery Concepts Contents  / Search  / Index  / PDF
    Concepts Contents  / Search  / Index  / PDF
    Data Guard Concepts and Administration Contents  / Search  / Index  / PDF
    Migration Contents  / Search  / Index  / PDF
    New Features Contents  / Search  / Index  / PDF
    Security Overview Contents  / Search  / Index  / PDF

Books for the New Application Developer

      Application Developer's Guide - Fundamentals Contents  / Search  / Index  / PDF
  Concepts Contents  / Search  / Index  / PDF
  New Features Contents  / Search  / Index  / PDF

Search for New Features

Search requires an Internet connection to Oracle.com and free registration on the Oracle Technology Network. If you do not have Internet access, use the Master Index or List of Books instead.

If you are familiar with earlier releases of this product, you can get information about new features: